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How do you demonstrate "due diligence" as an officer?

Officers and company directors of a business will need to make sure that the organisation complies with the work health and safety legislation.

This means that officers could be liable for breaches of work health and safety legislation even if an accident or incident does not happen.  Officers and directors must take steps to make sure they:
  • obtain and stay up to date with their knowledge about work health and safety matters
  • understand the nature of the business operations, the hazards that the company encounters and the risks involved in the job tasks performed
  • have allocated appropriate resources and company processes to eliminate, reduce and minimise the risks to workers health and safety
  • have a system in place to manage information and obligation relating to workplace health and safety, in particular accidents, incidents, hazards and risks and that action is taken on the information gathered
Obligation includes, but is not limited to:
  • management of notifiable accidents and incidents
  • consultation with workers
  • providing training and instruction to workers about workplace health and safety issues (including specific training for health and safety representatives)
  • compliance with directions issued by a regulatory authority

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