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Please browse through our frequently asked questions to find answers to any of your questions relating to workplace health and safety, Simply Genius™ (our Health & safety management system) and our services.  If you have a question, just ask.

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 Frequently Asked QuestionCategory
16How will the Simply Genius health & safety management system help me?Multiple
17I don’t know much about workplace health & safety – how will this help?Simply Genius WHSMS and services
18I know what I have to do but not how - will the Simply Genius product show me?Simply Genius WHSMS and services
19If I am a volunteer officer, can I be prosecuted under the Work Health and Safety Act?Multiple
20I'm in Queensland. Do I need to change to the renewable photographic high risk work (HRW) licence? If so when?Multiple
21Is the Simply Genius health & safety management system accredited?Simply Genius WHSMS and services
22Is the Simply Genius product suitable for any industry?Simply Genius WHSMS and services
23Is there an easy way to remember the risk management process?Risk management
24What are directors' responsibilities under the Work Health & Safety legislation?Multiple
25What are the benefits in health and safety consultation?Consultation
26What are the codes of practices under the Work Health & Safety legislation?Multiple
27What are the incident notification requirements to the Regulatory Authority (eg WorkCover)?Work Health & Safety Act - harmonised legislation
28What are the main WHS requirements for NSW Government tenders?No Category
29What are the powers of an HSR?Multiple
30What are the responsibilities of an HSR under the new legislation?Multiple