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Work with methylated spirits - hazardous chemical

Maralyn Kastel - Thursday, January 28, 2010

Risk: Workers can be killed or seriously injured when dispensing methylated spirits Resolving the problem: What you can consider putting in place as risk controls:

Do this:

  • Substitute the process of cutting laminated glass using methylated spirits with a less hazardous substance (eg fully automated laser cutting or hot wire cutting)
  • Check that portable containers seal effectively and are an approved type
  • Check safety bottles regularly for leaks and defects. Replace bottles if they show signs of wear and tear
  • Checkall decanted containers for hazardous substances are correctly labelled
  • Keepthe original container in a designated storage area away from any ignition source
  • Usea funnel to decant methylated spirits into a safety bottle in a well-ventilated area
  • Placethe safety bottle on a separate surface before wiping the methylated spirits off the glass
  • Keep your hazardous substances register and risk assessments of substances up to date
  • Hold a toolbox talk to provide information, instruction, training and supervision for all workers using methylated spirits
  • Use PPE (eg fire resistant wool coveralls, safety boots, gloves, safety glasses) etc

Do not

  • Place methylated spirits in a non-approved container (eg plastic milk bottles). It’s dangerous, as the plastic may soften/melt and leak the substance into the work area risking fire/explosion.

Note: Transferring methylated spirits from an approved purchased container into another must only be done if the containers are approved or suitable for this class of dangerous goods.

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