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When good housekeeping is worth its weight in gold


I started this year with a personal goal to de-clutter my home and and I am halfway through my this mammoth task. Friend and visitors see the uncluttered areas and their response has been one word “WOW”.

From the many workplaces that I have visited, general housekeeping is almost always something most businesses struggle with.  This in turn increases the risks of accidents.

It is accepted that poor housekeeping and poor building maintenance are common causes of workplace injuries. Cracked and uneven floors, blocked walkways, piles of dust and off-cuts, spills, cords, hoses and fallen tools can cause slips, trips or falls.

It is by far the most often overlooked and neglected part of having a safe workplace.  I know you are all BUSY, BUSY, BUSY and no matter how BUSY you are – it takes but one minute to move that box, pick up that hose, put away those packages, keep the walkway clear, etc. see more


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