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Toolbox talks just got a whole lot easier


Toolbox talks are just one of the communication tools you have with your workers on work health and safety, but often you wonder what on earth to talk about.

Toolbox talks just got a whole lot quicker and easier.

The frequency of these meetings will depend on the size, nature and location of your workplace, with high risk workplaces (eg construction) requiring daily meetings.  In businesses with traditionally low risk (eg offices) then a monthly or even a quarterly meeting will probably be sufficient.

Our “toolbox talk” factsheets are ready to go: short and succinct, covering a wide range of topics. They are suitable for many different industries and will help you get your safety message across to your workers.

To purchase additional Toolbox talks click on the “Show me all the Toolbox talks” topic areas.

If you have any suggestions for topics to cover, let us know and we’ll add them to our new product range.


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