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NSW Change to loadshifting licences 30-09-2011


From 30 September 2011, operators will no longer need a certificate of competency to operate some loadshifting equipment

The changes apply to:

  • Front end loader (class LL)
  • Front end loader/backhoe (class LB)
  • Front end loader of the skid steer type (class LS)
  • Excavator (class LE)
However you employers and or controllers of plant must ensure that all operators have been provided with appropriate information and training, or that they are supervised, so that any risks to health & safety are minimised.

Information, instruction, training and supervision
When identifying the amount of information, instruction, training and/or supervision required you will need to consider the complexity of the tasks, the operator’s current skills and ability, and the other workers on site. Provide ongoing training to maintain the operator’s competency level and make sure that all new workers are able to work safely.

Training can be formal or informal, or a combination of both. Formal training includes completing a nationally recognised course delivered by a registered training organisation for a specific type of plant, or training at an industry training school. Informal training includes on-the-job training delivered or supervised by a competent person, or in-house job-specific training that involves the plant and hazards associated with the plant.

When identifying the level of supervision that an operators requires, consider the operator's competency and experience and particularly the risk associate with the tasks and conditions on the worksite - more.....


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