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What are the incident notification requirements to the Regulatory Authority (eg WorkCover)?

Incidents such as fatalities, serious injuries and illnesses, and dangerous incidents must be notified immediately to your State or Territory Regulatory Authority (eg WorkCover) under Work Health & Safety legislation.   

It is your responsibility as a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) to make sure that your Regulatory Authority is notified immediately.

Make sure you don’t disturb the incident area and preserve the scene until an inspector attends, or directs otherwise. Give help, if it is required, such as first aid, and allow police and ambulance officers to carry out their roles.

If someone suffers an injury or illness where workers compensation is, or may be, payable, make sure you contact your insurer within 48 hours. 

Keep notifiable accident and incident records for five years. Monitoring of airborne contaminant levels records are required to be kept for 30 years after the date the record is made.

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