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What are the benefits in health and safety consultation?

Workers who are involved in health and safety consultation have a positive effect in the workplace on:

  1. Management decisions as there is a wider source of ideas gathered about the issues in the workplace
  2. Greater worker commitment to health & safety through a better understanding of decisions
  3. Worker "ownership" of the outcomes to be achieved and actions identified to achieve them.
  4. Openness, respect and trust between management and workers as an understanding of each other’s point of view is established
  5. Higher worker morale and job satisfaction as the employer demonstrates that worker's views are listed to and valued
  6. Healthier working environments and increased productivity
  7. Opportunities for learning through sharing of information, concepts and ideas
  8. Reduced injury and disease for employees
  9. Less risk of increased workers compensation as less accidents occur.

You are required to consult with workers regularly to comply with the Work Health & Safety Act Division 2 Clauses 47-49 Consultation with workers.  

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